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Cozy Neutral Boho Bedroom Decor Must-Haves

At my core, I will always be a boho queen. I love bright, airy interiors, light wood, wicker, caned furniture, macrame, and other fun boho home decor. Unfortunately, being just one person with only one living space, I can only decorate and experiment within my space to a certain extent. And that’s why I LOVE being an interior designer! As an interior designer, I get to curate gorgeous, styled spaces not only for myself, but ALSO for my clients, which is such an amazing creative outlet. And over the years, I’ve found some major staples for tons of different design styles. Having spent so much time as an interior designer sourcing pieces for my lovely clients and being the eternal boho queen that I am, I wanted to take today to share some of my fave boho bedroom decor must-haves with you so that you can style the boho bedroom of your dreams.

Oversized Quilted Cotton Duvet Cover

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral duvet cover for your adorable boho bedroom, then this oversized quilted cotton duvet cover will totally fit the bill! It’s perfect for my boho girlies that want to keep their comforter neutral so that they can play with pops of color elsewhere. Did I mention that it’s also SUPER comfy?

Geometric Area Rug in Tangerine

Speaking of pops of color, this super boho chic area rug is the perfect subtle statement piece for your boho bedroom. Its intricate design and gorgeous colors will make your space feel warm and welcoming every morning when you get out of bed!

Woven Pendant Lamp Shade

Now THIS is the perfect pendant lamp shade for any boho bedroom. As a fellow boho queen, I can attest that I am absolutely living for the woven and wicker furniture trend. And this pendant lamp does NOT disappoint.

Neutral Tufted Tassel Decorative Throw Pillow

A throw pillow to match your quilted duvet cover? Yes please! What’s more boho than a cute, creamy, geometric throw pillow with fluffy tassels? My argument: nothing!

Glass Globe Floor Lamp

This glass globe lamp is a total vibe. There’s just something about the gold and glass combo that feels so…boho!? I really can’t put my finger on it, but nonetheless, I’m absolutely obsessed with the piece and am happy to admit that I not only have one in my bedroom, but also have one in my living room.

Artificial Hanging String of Pearls

Some of us are worse at keeping plants alive than others..and I will fully admit that it is NOT my strong suit. For that reason, I typically opt for faux houseplants like this. A boho queen that does not possess a green thumb should still be able to enjoy a gorgeous pop of green, shouldn’t she??

Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

The perfect statement piece for your bedside table or on top of your dresser. I am in love with these Himalayan Salt Candle Holders and I will not lie–I probably own 20 of them.

Block Wood Print Decorative Throw Pillow in Terracotta

Yet another gorgeous throw for your boho bedroom. If you’re looking for a pop of color for your bedding or bedroom lounge chair, this super cute terracotta block print pillow is what dreams are made of.

Artificial Monstera Potted Plant 35”

I don’t know about you, but I personally love using plants to fill in empty spaces in my room design. I particularly love faux plants like this because I don’t have to worry about placement in relation to windows or how much sunlight they will get. Need to fill an empty corner? Want to make it boho? Throw a 35” faux monstera in there and call it a day!

I hope that these boho home decor suggestions have inspired you! If you like the vibe of these products and don't want to have to source your own home decor, then you should get in touch with me! I'm a virtual interior designer and I LOVE helping my clients find, source, and layout their dream pieces. Click here to learn more about working with me and here to fill out a client application!

Want more interior design tips? Be sure to check out the blog, follow me on Instagram, and follow me on Pinterest!

Lots of love!


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